Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Patience young jedi, big bag of candy you will have"

The month of October has been a good one. One very special wedding, finally meeting our west-coast cousin, Benny, several baseball games, enough rain to make a monkey an accurate weather-man, and another cousin's 5th birthday mixed in with a Saturday Halloween blow-out!

Logan did well on his first Halloween as a coherent member of the family, Dressed as Yoda, in the beginning he was glad to have daddy lift him out of the wagon to walk up to the doors and collect candy but after the 2nd or 3rd time he was a little weirded out by all of the strangers we were seeing and the mysterious objects they kept dropping in our bucket... he suddenly wanted nothing more than for daddy to just leave him in the wagon with mommy close by so he could just sit back and watch. "wait! no daddy!! no! no! no! just leave me in the wagon! wahhh!" Logan just kicked back and took it all in; the huge crowd of kids walking by us constantly, the elaborate decorations of several houses.. it was unlike anything he'd ever seen.

Kolby totally rocked Halloween this year. Dressed up like Luke Skywalker and playing the part with us lightsaber he cleaned up the entire neighborhood and had a ton of fun. With October behind us, we are looking forward to everything November is going to bring as well as the exciting times to come beyond that. Enjoy the pictures

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Goodbye Summer!

With another summer pretty much behind us, like others, we are gladly welcoming what seems like a few early cool-downs for southeast Texas. It has been a summer with two exhausting moves of our home contents accompanied with the all-to-usual brutal heat and gulf coast humidity. Now that we have been settled in our final new place for almost 2 months we can say that we are truly enjoying this house and the neighborhood. The highlight of Kolby's day is no longer the moment of dismissal from school, it's the short walk home he is able to make with is cousin. It doesn't matter that I'm waiting at the stop sign down the street at the half-way point, I'm suddenly some weird grown-up walking just ahead so Kolby still gets to show off that big-boy independence.

Fall-baseball has started and Kolby is no longer a t-ball player, Kolby now hits dingers off of a pitching machine! He is having a blast and it shows everytime he cranks one into centerfield, no joke! Dispite his 2 strike-outs in the 1st game he is sure that it will be different when he goes up to bat next Saturday. We were ready before but the 1st real game going up against machine pitch which pitches the ball quite a bit faster was a little nerve-racking compared to those laid back no pressure pratices.

Logan is still amazing us all the time. He is becoming more and more attached to all of us. Growing and cracking us up all the time. He is interested in everything, points at everything, and MUST HAVE EVERYTHING!!! Why just a few ours ago we were cleaning up the kitchen after a spagetti dinner that Logan totally hogged down 2 big plates of, (seriously this kid loves spagetti so much he can spell it better than his daddy!) Kolby suddenly alerted mommy and daddy to Logan discovering and extracting the left-over blank spagetti noodles that had been thrown in the trash and of course stuffing his face with them. If Logan is walking through the house on any random evening and the trash can winks ;) at him, (and it winks a lot!) that's it! he's determined to dig in and make out with it, so for the rest of the the evening that trash can has to sit out of reach on top of the washer or dryer. Same thing with the broom, and any other forbidden house-hold items. Logan thoroughly enjoys music and it has become apparent to us that he has been working on some dance moves. If he is standing when some good music plays there's a good chance you'll see him immediately begin stomping his feet, bending his knees, swinging his arms, and nodding his head all with a huge smile on his face. If he's strapped into the car-seat it's all the same only without the foot-work. Yes Logan is a very active boy and very curious about the world around him, always ready for a good time and always ready to explore.

That's all for now, enjoy the video!

Monday, July 6, 2009

"big boy walkin"

For the last two weeks Logan has been practicing and perfecting his newest ability. Logan is now a walking-baby-boy! It is currently just a hobby of his or something he only uses when things are laid back and he doesn't have somewhere to go in a hurry. If mommy or daddy get up and walk into the kitchen he drops everything and quickly follows in a furious crawl. But if Logan is just hangin' out with no real important business to take care of, he enjoys exploring, grabbing, mountain climbing, blurting out obscene noises-yelling and/or fussing, and last but not least he loves showing off his walk all while gaining valuable experience and charming the ladies. With Logan turing 10 months this Friday we are amazed at his progress... slow down son! take your time! We are worried that he is growing up too fast but it is all so glorious to watch.

Of course this past weekend Logan had his first July 4th and learned all about the history of our nation gaining it's independence... ok ok he didn't learn squat about our nation's history but he did learn about how noisy fire trucks can be and how important it is to be ready for flying candy and goodies alongside a parade. Enjoy the pictures and video. Happy 4th!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Almost walking

Logan is now walking with his walker! Also, as most of you know he has been pulling himself up and standing for a little over a month now with the assistance of a coffie-table or couch. In the last few days he has managed to stand and balance himself without assistance for several seconds at a time. He now has two bottom teeth and a vicious bite. Unfortunatley this post is short as there is a lot to do tonight before bed. Enjoy the video below!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Logan's first tooth has been spotted

Logan's first tooth has popped up and we are already seeing others. His standing up is becoming quite a daily hobby. We can no longer allow remotes, glasses of water, or pretty much anything else to sit on the coffie table while he is on the prowl as he pulls himself up on it and slowly walks along the side of the table reaching for anything of interest which is pretty much "anything". His crawl has become well refined and very useful to him. When his mommy or daddy gets up for some reason and walks into the other room, he begins to follow. We are all looking forward to the day he finally manages to take a few steps and stand on his own as we are sure that it will bring more fun to the way we play. Until next time, enjoy the video below it's a good one.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Logan - "Appearently these leggs are here for a reason"

Logan will be 8 months old tomorrow. About two weeks back he was out exploring in his brother's bedroom and as he was climbing something in prep/training for his 1st attempt at climbing Mt. Everest which he's planning to complete in 2030, he realized that in trying to climb up on Kolby's bed he had somehow ended up standing. hmmm.... Today Logan is standing up constantly, of course this is not without the assistance of an accessable coffie-table-top, ottoman, crib rail, or play-pin rail. We are sure that he will be standing on his own as well as walking very soon. Perhaps at 9 or 10 months but who knows. He has even taken a step from the coffie table to the sofa within reach just behind him. He seems to be learning new things every day and manages to amaze all of us all the time. He has also seemed to come up with a formula for making flatulance cute as he will demonstrate in the first video below. Just wait for him to start crawling toward the baseball bat, turn your sound way up, and listen, then watch him look back with a shameless grin.

Kolby loses his training wheels

Ok it's been too long since our last post which was pretty much our debut. Obviously we are not doing a very good job keeping this blog updated but we plan to change that. Kolby has now mastered the art of shaky-handle-bar bike riding without training wheels and is now progressing and well on his way to reaching the smooth rolling confident biker status. Katie and I finally decided that he was never going to reach the milestone until we took his training wheels off and threw them in the trash. Once he understood that training wheels were no longer an option he started putting in real effort and soon had me running next to him in my flip-flops suffering from severe exhaustion and looking like a total idiot as you will see in the video, trying to be there incase he lost his balance. The next challenge was start-offs. It took me a day or two to finally remember how I used to use the curb on the side of the road to push off for a little speed as I also was unable to reach the ground with more than the tips of my toes 20-something years back when I was once a kid. Once I gave him that tip, he was suddenly able to get himself started without help. Whats really cool is the discovery of how much easier he can gain speed and maintain it. We never realized just how inefficient the roll of those training wheels was, how much harder and constant Kolby was required to pedal just to keep a mediocre rather boring speed. Without them, he glides and coasts effortlessly down the street or sidewalk and is amazed at how much faster he can suddenly go. Bike riding has a whole new meaning.

The moment Kolby realized he was able to ride his bike without our hands on the seat, his face exploded with the biggest smile I think either of us have ever seen. Kolby's excitement immediatley radiated to Katie and I as he threw his bike to the ground and ran to his mommy for the hug of all hugs and the sharing of pure satisfaction.

Something that once seemed impossible to Kolby is now a walk in the park. Katie and I feel that this has been a great learning experience for Kolby and a lesson in perseverance. Kolby has learned that throwing a fit and giving up is useless and that afterall, when learning something, we all fall many many times and it is just a part of learning. He does not have to be afraid of challenges and falling because he now knows the great joy that surges through him when he has met a challenge that seemed like something he could never do.

Enjoy the video!